The competition for college admittance and scholarships is fierce, so it is critical for students to put themselves in the best position possible for gaining acceptance into their first-choice college as well as obtaining as much financial assistance as possible.  To do this, applicants must be able to differentiate themselves from everyone else.  There are numerous ways to accomplish this, but one of the most effective ways is to achieve a high score on the American College Test or ACT college placement test.  Achieving a high score on this test helps put the student in the best position possible to not only gain admittance into their first-choice college but also effectively compete for any scholarships and other financial assistance offered by the school or other entities (state programs, private scholarships, university scholarships, etc.).


For many students, the most difficult section of the ACT exam is the Mathematics (Math) section.  The Math section can be intimidating, and that can have a significant negative impact on the student’s performance on the exam. Doing well in the Math section of the ACT exam takes lots of focus, hard work and, most importantly, preparation time.

In the end, what many students need is a preparation program that focuses specifically on the Mathematics section of the ACT.

Mrs. Beth was an awesome tutor, and I worked with her for years. We spent a lot of time on ACT prep, reviewing strategies and increasing my speed. I received the maximum TOPS award and am very happy with my ACT score.
— Lauren
Mrs. Beth has helped me improve my mathematical skills all of high school. I was able to implement strategies and increase my speed to earn a better ACT score. Mrs. Beth helped me achieve the ACT score that led me to the college of my choice!
— Jessica

Joshua got a 25 in Math!!! He went from a 17 to a 25. We are thrilled that he went up 8 points with just attending your class. Thank you so much for your help. He really enjoyed your class. I will recommend your class to all of my friends that have Juniors and Seniors.
— Rhonda
“Math score jumped up 3 points!!”
— Corey